Bathing services

At Paws! then play, we pride ourselves on not only washing dogs but taking a proactive approach in ensuring your dogs coat receives the right care to keep them happy, healthy, shiny and tangle free! We use only the best high quality paraben and sls free shampoos and conditioners to condition and strengthen your pooches coat. For dogs who over stay their visit we have a lovely secure outdoor area they can play and an air conditioned salon they can snooze in!

Bath and blowdry

Bath and towel dry

Add on services

  • Warm bath

  • Blowdry to 100% dry

  • Cologne

  • Nail trim.


Price from

  • $35 Small

  • $45 Medium

  • $55 large

  • POA for large oodles over 25kgs                                                                 

 Price from $25

  • Anal gland expressions $10.00 with other service $17.50 without other service

  • Dematting $15 every 10 minutes spent working matts out

  • Removal of matted coats (due to irregular grooming) estimate given at arrival for you appointment $10 - $50 on top of normal grooming fees depending on severity

  • Ear and tail dyeing from $30

  • Poodle feet on other breeds $5.00

  • Pickup/delivery  $39

  • Express groom  $20

  • Overstaying grooming visit (8am drop off and pickup after 12:15) $35 for full day

  • Hiccups in behaviour - quoted on day


  • Nail trim $15 - $35

  • Nail file after nail trim $10

  • Nail painting $15

  • Warm bath

  • Blowdry to 100% dry

  • Quick brush out

  • Cologne

  • Nail trim.

Price from

  • $40 Small

  • $55 Medium

  • $65 Large    

  • POA for large oodles over 25kgs                          Please note we do not service double coated or high shedding breeds at our Gawler salon (Border collies, Spitz ect)            

Medium - long coated dogs

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bath and towel dry.png
med - long bath and dry.png

Bath and blowdry

Short - smooth coated dogs

short coated bath and blowdry.png
terrier picture.png