Drop off and pick up times

At Paws! then play we have two drop off and pick up times,

  • 8am - 12:15/30pm

  • 12:45pm - 5:15/30pm

We offer these morning and afternoon bookings for a variety of reasons:

  • It means that your groomer can work on the dogs in the salon without interruption - this means that we can spend more time getting to know your dog and having play time.

  • We only have a maximum of 5 dogs (per person) in the salon at one time, we take pride in watching and caring for your pets. Their well being is important to us!

  • Your dog gets our undivided attention when we are working with them, and when we are not (and when time allows) they get to socialise and play with their new friends!

  • Drop off before work and pick up at lunch or drop off at lunch and pick up after work - this allows you to have minimal interruptions in your day.

  • Your pets are away from home for a shorter period of time then being dropped off and spending all day in the salon.