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Grooming services Gawler

Jamie the owner of paws then play has been grooming since 2009 - this is over 10 years of experience working with dogs and developing her grooming skills!

We offer a one on one (or one family with multiple dogs) service to our 4 legged friends. This means your dog get my undivided attention and is groomed in a calm, kind and supportive environment.

Please note,

We require all dogs to be kept on a regular 4, 6 or 8 weekly schedule, the longer you leave your dog between grooms the higher the cost will be due to the extra time it takes to complete the groom. (Imagine not mowing your lawn consistently - it's a bigger job the longer you leave it!)

Deluxe teddy bear or breed standard grooming.

Pricing for our deluxe grooms start at $100. Please enquire and we will provide you with an estimate for you dog.

Examples of our deluxe gro0ms,

Deluxe 2.png
Deluxe 5.png

Basic grooming service.

Our basic grooms start st $85. Please enquire and we can provide you with an estimate for you dog.

Examples of our basic gro0ms,

AO maltese x sml.png
AO cavoodle sml.png
All Off Terrier Pic Small.png

'Hiccups' in behaviour

We understand at Paws! Then Play that not all pooches are happy all the time! Sometimes they can be a little grumpy, especailly when they have to leave anywhere but home! If this is the case, we would request that you be honest and disclose that your dog may not be as well as behaved as they normally are. That is, they may bite, or be slightly more grouchy. This is to allow the groomers to safely work with your dog, and try to keep them happy during the process.

Jamie is happy to try to work through your dogs 'behavioral hiccups' in an attempt to make the grooming process much more enjoyable for your furry friend but there is an extra cost for this service.

Jamie is experienced with dealing with dogs with anxiety. A consistent schedule with the same groomer or groomers is essential to your dogs happiness in the salon.

Please phone us to discuss how we can help your dog feel happier within themselves during the time they are being groomed - after all, its something that needs to be done very regularly over the duration of their life!

Please note, Our hourly rate for re-training dogs to tolerate the grooming process is $130 per hour.

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