Grooming services

Paws! then play has over 10 years experience clipping and styling dogs. Whether you are looking for a creative groom (a mowhawk you say?!) or a breed specific groom, we have you and your pooches covered. 

We have two daily intake of dogs, 8am - 12:15 pm and 12:45pm - 5:15 pm.

Please see below for express grooming options if you would like your dog in and out sooner than our normal grooming schedule.

Breed specific groom

Full groom

All off clip

Bath and tidy

Please note,

The prices below are based on dogs groomed on a regular 4,6 or 8 weekly schedule, the longer you

leave you dog between grooms the higher the cost will be due to the extra time it takes to

complete the groom.

  • Bath

  • Blow-dry

  • Body cut to desired length (if dog has been groomed in the last 6-8 weeks)

  • OR deshed/undercoat strip for double coated breeds.

  • Cute scissored face

  • Hygiene clip

  • Trim ears

  •  Nail trim

Price from

  • $80 Small                

  • $90 Medium

  • $120 large          

  • $145 X large

  • $175+ XX large

* All matted dogs are charged full groom rate + surcharges

Breed specific clips avaliable, please contact us for breeds not on this list we have listed what we would consider popular breeds. Please note we  do not offer hand stripping services.

Price from depending on size (toy, miniature standard - miniature, standard, giant)

  • $100 -$195 Schnauzer

  • $100 - $195 Poodle

  • $100 West highland terrier

  • $100 Lagatto

  • $100 Yorkshire terrier

  • $100 Bichon frise

  • $120 - $150 Cocker spaniel                                                                              *extra charges for matting

  • Bath

  • Blow-dry

  • Body face and tail clippered very short (#10 or#7F blade)

  • Hygiene clip

  • Nail trim


Price from

  • $65 Small

  • $75 Medium

  • $105 Large

  • $130 X large

  • $160 XX large

*Add $10 ontop of medium size for spaniels

* Not avaliable for matted dogs, please see our full groom pricelist

  • Bath

  • Blow-dry

  • Brush out

  • Hygiene clip

  • Feet face and tail tidy

  • Nail trim



Price from

  • $50 Small

  • $60 medium

  • $75 Large

  • $90 X large

  • $115 XX large

* Only available to dogs on a regular grooming schedule

* Add 20% for dogs with over 1" of coat

Express Grooming

If you would like your dog in and out of our salon quicker than the usual intake and pickup times - a $20 fee will be charged on top of your groom. This means if your dog is booked in at 8am they will be ready for collection 1 1/2 hours after the drop off time at 9:30am. If you are held up and unable to pick your furry friend up until later, the fee will still apply.

'Hiccups' in behaviour

While we understand that not all dogs enjoy the grooming process, for our own safety we ask our clients to be honest about their dogs behavior.

Our experienced staff are happy to try to work through your dogs 'behavioral hiccups' in an attempt to make the grooming process much more enjoyable for your furry friend but there is an extra cost for this service.

Please phone us to discuss how we can help your dog feel happier within themselves during the time they are being groomed - after all, its something that needs to be done very regularly over the duration of their life.

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